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How to Make Sfeha (Meat Pies) - The Easy Way

Posted by Ahmad Kad on

Sfeha is a traditional dish that is served in the Levant (Syria, Palestine, and the surrounding areas), and it is a nostalgic meal that brings back memories of freshly-made sfeha in the street markets. Here's an awesome recipe for you to try! Ingredients Ground Beef (Lean) 1 LB Pre-made Pizza Crust or Dough Similar to Pizza Consistency Tomato Paste 2 Tb Pomegranate Molasses 3 Ts Chopped Tomatos 2 Cups Chopped Onion 1 Cup Salt (to taste or cover) Al-Salam Sfeha Spices (to taste) You will also need Grill or baking sheet, tongs, skillet, and spatula Prep & Cooking Instructions 1. Cook...

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