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Chicken Shawarma Authentic Recipe

Posted by Ahmad Kad on

Chicken Shawarma is usually prepared on a vertical rotisserie until tender, and then shaved onto pita bread with pickles, tomatoes, and other tasty fillings.  Ingredients Chicken Breast & Dark Meat (deboned) 1 LB Al-Salam Chicken Shawarma Spices 1.5 Tb or up to you Plain Yogurt 2 Tb Lemon Juice 4 Ts Oil or Butter 2 Ts Vinegar & Water Solution 1 Ts Onion & Garlic Pure 2 Tb combined (or more if you like it garlicky) Salt (to taste or cover) You will also need Mixing bowl, grill or baking sheet, tongs, skillet, and spatula Prep & Cooking Instructions 1. Cut...

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