Custom Spice Blends for Restaurants

At Al-Salam Spices, we also specialize in Custom Spice Blends mainly for restaurants that want a very specific, custom, and consistent taste to their final product.

Benefits of having your own custom-made spice blend:

1. Consistent tastes on a regular basis, especially if you own multiple branches, each locations' food will taste the same as the others

2. Less work (time & money) putting together your blends daily, weekly or monthly

3. Easier prep for employees, as you can specify that a certain amount of spice/seasoning goes over a certain amount of meat (or anything else), which means faster and more consistent prep, with less prep time

4. Cost savings given that you won't have to stock up on so many spices at once, keeping your overall expenses low, and you won't have to hold individual spices in stock for too long. We receive great pricing on our spices, and are able to offer clients with savings vs. buying all the spices individually and blending them yourself

5. Hand-crafted freshness means that every spice blend will be flavorful, and to the right specifications, every time

The process is easy:

- Call us 770-458-2996 during business hours 11am to 6pm or email us at (quickest way) for an inquiry, and tell us about your business and needs

- We will then sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect your secret/proprietary blends

- Samples will be made according to your specifications and sent out for taste testing

- Once you are satisfied with the outcome of the spice blend sample, we will start production according to a weekly or monthly schedule based on your needs. Sometimes there is a minimum amount of spices (by the pound), but we usually work with you to match your needs

- You'll have your own custom spice blends in the right sizes, and in the right amounts. Hopefully at this stage, you'll be glad you went with Al-Salam Spices

If you have any questions, concerns, or projects you would like to discuss, please email us (quickest way) at We would love to hear from you!


Ahmed K. with Al-Salam Spices